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Below you will find all Maui condos for sale listed today, with data updated daily from the Maui MLS. To view ALL condos for sale on Maui, visit our Maui MLS Search page. Navigating through hundreds of listings can daunting, specialize as the Maui condo market is much more complex than others - with properties varying in zoning (to allow/restrict vacation rentals), Land Tenure (Fee Simple, Leasehold, Leasehold - Fee Available), etc.  We specialize in condos for sale in Wailea, Makena Surf, and Kihei condos for sale, as well as Maui beachfront properties, so please contact us with any questions.

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I want to rent out my condo as a vacation rental when I'm not on Maui, is that possible?

Absolutely. However, buyers must be aware that each condominium is either zoned to allow short-term rentals (anything under 180 days) or they are not. As such, it is critical that if your objective is to purchase a condominium that may be used as a vacation rental, then the condominium property must be zoned to do permit such use. Furthermore, some properties - such as Wailea Point or Mahinahina Beach - enforce policies of only one rental allowed per month. Contact our team for a specific property, with a deep understanding of the Maui condo market, we are poised to provide information answering any questions.

How much are property taxes on condos?

Tax rates are changed annually, to respond to market conditions, budgetary constraints, etc. Contact us for the latest property tax rates as determined by Maui County.

What is this 'Leasehold' I keep seeing?

Most U.S. residents and Canadians are accustomed to Freehold or Fee Simple ownership, in which a condo owner rightfully owns the unit and a proportionate share in all common elements. However, in Hawaii there is another form of condo ownership known as 'Leasehold', in which the land that the condominium and common elements are built are being leased by the landowner. As such, there is a monthly lease payment, scheduled times to renegotiate, and an expiration date for the lease - if the lease is not renewed, the landowner takes possession of the land and all improvement in what is known as reversion. When considering a leasehold property, it is important to know the lease terms and conditions as that will have a significant impact on future values.

West side versus South side?

The majority of condos on Maui are clustered in West and South Maui, with a few offerings in Central and a couple more on the North Shore and Upcountry. It is completely a personal preference as to which side of the island in which to buy, with each having a repertoire of advantages (and arguably, disadvantages).

Why are maintenance fees so high on Maui? In the mainland, these are so much more affordable.

Although at first glance maintenance fees are high on Maui (can be as low as $100 a month to as high as $10K a month, as proposed for the luxury villas of Andaz Maui at Wailea), these are reflective of the higher cost of doing business in Hawaii and (for the most part) are fair. Keep in mind that each AOAO/HOA is managed  independently and as with all things, not all AOAO leaders are as effective or as fiscally prudent. While some condos like Kamaole Sands enjoy comparatively strong leadership, many other condominiums do not.

I have a pet, are they allowed in Maui condominiums?

Each condominium property has different By-Laws and House Rules which would permit (or not) the allowance of pets. And for those that allow pets, there may be restrictions, such as weight limit on dogs, only allowing indoor cats, not permitting a specific type of animal. Please contact us for a case-by-case analysis.

If I want to buy a condo to use as a vacation rental, can I finance it?

First, properties that are allowed (by zoning and applicable By-Laws) are either a condotel or a non-warrantable - the difference between those two categories based on individual circumstances, such as having an on-site check in desk, etc. There are only a handful of lenders who underwrite mortgages for these types of properties, please contact us for details. And although lending criteria has finally loosen up in 2013 (compared to the restrictive lending of the past few years), buyers for these type of properties must be prepared for a higher downpayment, more stringent qualifications (higher FICO, lower DTI, more reserves), and a higher rate than those of conventional purchases. 

Do I need hurricane or flood insurance?

maui map zoning

If the property is finance, the lender may have very specific requirements as to what type(s) of insurance coverage must be in place. There are only a select few insurance carriers that offer flood insurance on Maui, please contact us for details. And although Maui is not hurricane-prone, it is up to each owner (when not required to do so by outside circumstances) as to manage their risk tolerance. 

My insurance agent asked me about it being in a Special Management Area, what does it mean?

In the State of Hawaii, oveseen by the Office of Planning, the SMA is intended to: "provide for the effective management, beneficial use, protection, and development of the coastal zone". Look at map below for SMA zoning and contact us for details.


Considering the purchase or sale a condo on Maui? We know the market exceedingly well and can represent your interests diligently and ethically, contact us below. With team members in every corner of the island who have experience in every property, we are well-positioned to provide excellent service.

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