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The August 8, 2023 devastated Lahaina town at its very core. The high-density area was victim to the deadliest wildfire in the history of our nation, resulting in over 2K lost homes and over 115 lives lost. Catastrophic. Maui will need support for a long time, please consider donating to a worthwhile cause (click here for some examples).

In an effort to provide relevant information for those who need it, please click here for a high-resolution map of the affected area. Additionally, view the map below as put together by the New York Times. We do no warrant information to be accurate. 

Based on the available mapping, the following condominium properties have sustained significant fire damage (due to the large number of single-family residences, we are not…

Maui Property Taxes 2022-23

Maui Property Taxes 2022

Below are the new tax rates, effective for the fiscal year from July 31, 2022 through June 30, 2023. For owner-occupants, Maui remains as one of the lowest tax rates in the entire country. Additionally, this year includes the introduction of new tax rates and tiers.

Agricultural $5.74
Apartment $3.50
Commercial $6.05
Commercial- Residential $4.40
Conservation $6.43
Hotel and Resort $11.75
Industrial $7.05
Long Term Rental - Tier 1 (up to $1M) $3.00
Long Term Rental - Tier 2 ($1M-3M) $5.00
Long Term Rental - Tier 3 ($3M+) $8.00
Owner-Occupied - Tier 1 (up to $1M) $2.00

Hawaii Surfer

Disclaimer: The post below is as per input from a local surfer, not from the author (who is not a surfer).

Whether new to surfing or a seasoned pro, Maui is a one-stop destination for those who are looking for both large barrels and sloping longboarding waves. There are two different seasons for each type of wave. In the summer months, swells push mainly from the west and south that bring in rolling relatively small waves. Alternatively, in the winter months, swells shift and come in from the north that brings in much larger waves. This shift makes the surf in towns like Waiehu, Kahului, and Paia ideal for many short boarders, with many of world-class surfers doing their annual migration to Maui's North Shore to master their skills.

Some of the most…

Hawaii COVID Face Mask Rules

Update November 17, 2020:

As announced on November 16 by Governor Ige through the 15th Proclamation, now Hawaii has a Statewide set of rules, the purpose of which is to make rules uniform, easier to understand and comply. View the full 72-page Proclamation for all details, but in the meantime below are pertinent details regarding the new rules:

All individuals shall wear face coverings over their noses and mouths when in public settings. The only exceptions to this requirement are:

A - Individuals with medical conditions or disabilities where the wearing of a face covering may pose a health or safety risk to the individual;

B- Children under the age of 5;

C - While working at a desk or work station and not actively engaged with other employees, customers, or…

The booming food truck trend has been revolutionizing the food scene across the US for a decade and it is continuing to evolve on Maui, with current trucks slinging everything from acai bowls to Thai food and everything in between. In the small but bustling town of Kihei, on the south side of Maui, there has been an ever-expanding array of food trucks. Spending some time exploring our sleepy beach town and then find a food truck to satisfy every craving.

Photo as posted on Yelp by Timothy H.

Kihei Food Truck - Kitoko

Starting off the south side food truck tour is one of the most popular locations for both locals and visitors to experience true food truck cuisine: Kihei Station, located at 1 Piikea Avenue (diagonal from Long's). There is a small community of food trucks where there…

Hike Maui

Some of the biggest attractions on Maui are the multitude of pristine beaches that can be found at almost any point on the island - from Makena to Kapalua and everywhere in between. In exploring the Valley Isle, there is so much more to be seen than just stunning beaches. The Hawaiian Islands are also known for a plethora of varying climate zones, making it one of the most diverse places. There is a hike to suit any preference and skill level, from the West Maui Mountains to lush highland forests in Haiku.

Beginner – Many options are available when looking for a leisurely stroll to see Maui’s spectacular terrain. Before the winding road to Hana, Twin Falls in Haiku offers opportunities to take a dip in cooling freshwater streams and experience the Hawaiian…

In light of the new environment and as a service to our site visitors, we have worked diligently to provide the most thorough virtual experience for our clients and visitors. As such, we are curating a list of all Hawaii Real Estate Virtual Tours - all the listings on our Virtual Tours page have Matterport 3-D tours that allow you to 'walk' a property virtually. With over 800 properties at any given time, this is THE most comprehensive list of virtual tours covering the entire State. 

To further narrow down listings to those most pertinent, visit our Hawaii Real Estate Search MLS page and follow the instructions below. We made our search system as easy-to-use yet as comprehensive as that of a Realtor. 

Virtually see Hawaii Real Estate today from the comfort…

Hawaii Luxury Home

Hawaii has always been a haven for the world's most affluent, with year-round picture perfect weather, some of the most acclaimed amenities anywhere, an inviting culture of Aloha, and a natural environment as diverse as its people - from top-rated beaches, to tropical mountains and everything in between. As such, it's no surprise that luminaries from technology, finance, business, entertainment and more call Hawaii their second home. 

Although the 2019 Hawaii luxury market ($10M+) is on a slow down, Hawaii offers among the most luxurious and unique properties anywhere. It is important to note that each island offers something incredibly different - from Oahu's urban oasis in the Pacific, to Kauai's quiet, undeveloped tropical heaven, to Big Island's stark…

Question: We own a condo in Kakaako and we're interested in selling. We've been told that when we sell, we'll have to disclose everything we know about the property, even if it might kill the deal. Why do we have to 'disclose' if it's not in my best interest?

Hawaii Real Estate Disclosure by Seller
Disclosure Statement image above by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Great question, Mark, thank you for asking. To start, please keep in mind that this is not legal advice, this is for informational purposes only and you are highly encouraged to speak to an attorney well-versed with Hawaii real estate. In Hawaii, Hawaii Revised Statute Chapter 508D details the legal responsibility of a Seller to disclosure 'material facts' to the Buyer during the course of due diligence, as agreed upon in…

Honolulu Vacation Rentals

With support from the Honolulu City Council, Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed Bill 89 into law, becoming Ordinance 19-18, to now impose strict enforcement of regulations affecting Vacation Rentals on Oahu. This enforcement affects long-term how and where Transient Vacation Units (TVU's) and Bed & Breakfasts (B&B's) can legally operate. Read Honolulu Ordinance 19-18 in its entirety and Ordinance 19-18 Frequently Asked Questions for a better understanding on how this may potentially affect you, whether as a current owner of Oahu real estate or a prospective Buyer. 

Note: Visit our Oahu Vacation Rentals page to view condos currently for sale and check out a Oahu Map of Properties Eligible for Vacation Rentals for those holding NCU's.

To understand the context, it is…