January 2014

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As 2013 came to an end, one can easily see that not only it was a great year for the Maui real estate market as a whole, but that certain micro-niches such as Honua Kai saw a more activity and higher-than-average increases in values. Let us examine the infograph below to easily assess some of the most significant shifts within the resort.

As can be seen above, sales activity remained strong, but what led to such a drastic change in sales volume (69% increase over the previous year) is the type of units that sold. In 2012, the bulk of all sales were 1 bedroom units, whereas 2013 saw a very balanced absorption of all inventory among the different sizes and value propositions. With more sales of 2 bedroom units in 2013 than of 1 bedroom units, what is

As a whole, 2013 proved to be a marked shift in the Maui real estate market, with some micro-markets such as Honua Kai enjoying particularly strong sales activity and valuation growth. We will be posting an in-depth analysis of 2013 for Honua Kai and its context within the high-end Maui market, but in the meantime, we will post our December update.

New Listings

Four new listings joined the inventory:

Hokulani 518 - Priced at $798K, this 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom will fill a void in the depleting 'entry-level' inventory. 

Hokulani 446 - Large 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom on the northern end of Hokulani, facing Konea. Priced at $1.3M, it is a bit above comparable sales.

Hokulani 111 - Ground-level 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom unit on the inner courtyard of