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Honua Kai Real Estate Market

As the summer comes to an end, let's take a look at the state of the market at one of our favorite properties, Honua Kai. 

New Listings

The month of August saw two new listings come on the market:

Konea 638 - This one bedroom / one bathroom is on the northern outside perimeter of the Konea tower. With a 6th floor location, there is enough elevation to guaranteed privacy and ocean view corridors, while being near the wing elevator provides convenience in accessing the ground-level amenities. Priced at $990K, we'll see whether the market brings enough demand for absorption at or near the asking price.

Hokulani 403 - A three bedroom / three bathroom interior courtyard residence priced at $3.2M. North-facing, view corridors are framed by the resort pools,…

Another month is in the books and Honua Kai continues its micro-market dominance as one of the hottest in all of Hawaii. So with that, let's take a look at the month of July in Honua Kai real estate. 

honua kai kaanapali market update

New Listings

The following are listings added to the market in the month July:

Hokulani 244 - Inventory of one bedroom units with partial ocean views is minimal, at best. This unit is on the 2nd floor of Hokulani, outer perimeter on the north side of the building, facing the Konea tower and the Luana Garden Villas enclave. Priced at $959K, it will be interesting to see whether the market will bear a price within that range. The last true 1 bedroom to sell over $900K was Hokulani 438 which sold a few months ago for $919,900 - arguably better views from its…

Today's question comes from a buyer interested in Honua Kai Luana Garden Villas.

Question: We are interested in Luana Garden Villas. As we would be financing the purchase, do you have a lender that you would recommend?

Answer:  Great question. When buying brand new construction, it is important to work with a lender knowledgeable about the property in question and who has loan products available for the purchase. Below we detail lenders, in no particular order, who are able to finance your purchase of a luxury villa at Luana Garden. 

First Hawaiian Bank
Rick Smith, rsmith@fhb.com

Central Pacific Bank
Spencer Lee, spencer.lee@centralpacificbank.com

Wells Fargo Bank
Jon Levin, jon.j.levin@wellsfargo.com

Bank of America
Craig Bedsole,…

Honua Kai Real Estate Market Report 2018

As one of the most active micro-markets in Hawaii, it is pertinent to follow the Honua Kai Real Estate micro-market, to see how it behaves comparative to other subsets, particularly as the Luana Garden Villas sales market begins to develop in phases. The beginning of the year encompasses the high-season influx but in previous year the swing has been much more minimal as activity becomes more year-round than cyclical.

Honua Kai Studios

In the first half of the year, there was only one Studio listed for sale, Konea 521. Although at first glance it might seem as though the price of $975K may be on the high end of the spectrum, as can be ascertained from the Honua Kai Investment Analysis, the Studios are among the highest return on investments anywhere in…

In an effort to continuously keep our clients updated on micro-market conditions, we present our monthly Honua Kai  market update. This shall encompass new listings on the market, those that have gone into escrow during the month, and closed sales for the month.

honua kai kaanapali resort

New Inventory

The Honua Kai micro-market continues to see increased inventory, particularly after the developer finished its sales and re-sales have dictated values, available inventory, and absorption. The month of May saw a good amount of new listings:

Konea 521 - Studios are in short demand, particularly those on higher floors. As Konea 521 came on the market, even with its large floor plan for a studio (at 615 square feet), the asking price of $975K may have seem above market to some, but…

As one of the most active micro-markets on Maui, conditions at Honua Kai can vary greatly from the overall Maui real estate market. As such, let's discuss the current state of the Honua Kai real estate market, broken down by unit size as that will provide the most context. To start, please use the map below as a reference of unit location within the complex, as that is arguably THE most critical component in valuation. 


With the least amount of units, the niche of Honua Kai Studios will continue to be one of the most interesting to observe. Currently there is only one unit on the market, Hokulani 219. Of course, being on the 2nd floor of Hokulani has certain challenges, which must then be reflected on price. In the past six months, there have…

Honua Kai's Luana Garden Villas have become one of the most anticipated projects on Maui for quite some time. Our intent is, and will continue to be, to post information on a timely manner for prospective Buyers. Newly updated information as follows:

Luana Garden Villas Map

Click on Luana Garden Villas to view a high-resolution PDF or view the image below. It is worth noting that the Villas are separated into three different enclaves, each emphasizing a different native Hawaiiana garden theme.

luana villas map honua kai

Floor Plans

Luana Garden Villas consists of 18 structures, with each building having 4 units: 2 on ground level, 2 on upper level. Floor plans are Villa A, Villa B, Villa C, and Villa D. Pricing is speculated to start in the $1.8M range but much more

We are often asked numerous questions regarding the Honua Kai real estate market, specially now there are proposed sales of the soon-to-be-constructed Luana townhomes. One of the most common questions is for insight regarding location within the property. We've created a map below with a detailed breakdown by unit size, but of course keep in mind that this is for general information only and some floor plates may vary slightly so contact us for confirmation.

Honua Kai Map Breakdown by Size

Studios - Studios are located in the inner courtyard, at the 'bend' of the towers, for an angled view corridor, with the bulk enjoying varying degrees of ocean views. Depending on the floor level, ocean views can be spectacular. Due to the size and protected ocean views, Studios are arguably

A few weeks ago plans were announced for construction and sale Luana Garden Villas. Since then, Buyer interest has been strong and as we head into high-season shortly in the upcoming months, it can be presumed that such demand will intensify. Our team remains keenly abreast of information and we will post updates as information trickles down. For those interested in being notified privately of information - floor plans, sales prices, layouts, etc. - we strongly encourage you to reach out and stay ahead of the curve.

honua kai duke's restaurant kaanapali

Expected release is early 2018 - Contact us to discuss the Honua Kai real estate market.

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honua kai real estate

The West Maui luxury real estate market may soon have a significant addition: Luana at Honua Kai! Since its introduction, Honua Kai was planned to be built in three phases: Hokulani Tower, Konea Tower, and the Luana enclave of luxury townhomes. As the timing of the towers coincided with the recession and it took time for absorption of the 600+ units, many speculations came about as to what was the developer's plan with Luana. Now, we have been informed of the developer's plan to build out Luana at Honua Kai but details are still forthcoming.

Originally, Luana was planned as 72 luxury townhomes divided among 18 structures. Please refer to site plan below for reference. Original plans were for