June 2022

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Maui Real Estate Market Update 2022
Navigating through the Maui Real Estate Market in 2022?

Much is being said about the state of the real estate market, with some pundits sticking their head in the sand saying nothing has changed and on the opposite end, some saying the sky is falling.  As a service to our clients and site visitors, we would like to briefly discuss the Maui real estate market through the lens of statistics. 

To start, let's recognize that real estate trends / conditions are incredibly locally-based and even within an area, there could be significantly different conditions across micro-markets. So although back in San Francisco the market may be doing one thing, we may be seeing something very different on Maui - and even within Maui, conditions in Wailea may be widely…

Maui Property Taxes 2022-23

Maui Property Taxes 2022

Below are the new tax rates, effective for the fiscal year from July 31, 2022 through June 30, 2023. For owner-occupants, Maui remains as one of the lowest tax rates in the entire country. Additionally, this year includes the introduction of new tax rates and tiers.

Agricultural $5.74
Apartment $3.50
Commercial $6.05
Commercial- Residential $4.40
Conservation $6.43
Hotel and Resort $11.75
Industrial $7.05
Long Term Rental - Tier 1 (up to $1M) $3.00
Long Term Rental - Tier 2 ($1M-3M) $5.00
Long Term Rental - Tier 3 ($3M+) $8.00
Owner-Occupied - Tier 1 (up to $1M) $2.00