October 2013

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For many potential investors, the idea of purchasing a Maui condo to be used as a vacation rental serves as the perfect melee of business and pleasure. However, in the past few years, financing has been a big obstacle due to (arguably unnecessary) VERY stringent lending qualifying criteria. Potential buyers must keep in mind that properties that allow vacation rentals fall into the category of unwarrantable or condotel - and most lenders see these types of properties as unreasonably high risks and then either do NOT finance these properties (most mainland lenders will fall in this category) or require higher-than-typical down payments. There are only a few properties such as Honua Kai where some lenders have accepted as low as 25% down, but the norm

I don't typically write in the first person, specially about my personal life. However, I had a recent visit to Honua Kai and I would like to share my experience - perhaps it might be helpful to someone else considering a stay at this luxury Kaanapali resort. As a preface, the following post is written from the perspective of a family with two small children (5 year old boy and 20 month old girl).

As my five year old had 'fall break' from school (and really, I don't remember having this much time off when I was a kid), we decided to have a 'staycation' on West Maui, take the opportunity to enjoy the Maui lifestyle and spend some much needed family time. So we looked at suitable options on the west side, from the Westin, to Honua Kai, to Kapalua Bay