Maui Property Taxes 2022-2023

Posted by Alex Cortez on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 at 1:13pm.

Maui Property Taxes 2022-23

Maui Property Taxes 2022

Below are the new tax rates, effective for the fiscal year from July 31, 2022 through June 30, 2023. For owner-occupants, Maui remains as one of the lowest tax rates in the entire country. Additionally, this year includes the introduction of new tax rates and tiers.

Agricultural $5.74
Apartment $3.50
Commercial $6.05
Commercial- Residential $4.40
Conservation $6.43
Hotel and Resort $11.75
Industrial $7.05
Long Term Rental - Tier 1 (up to $1M) $3.00
Long Term Rental - Tier 2 ($1M-3M) $5.00
Long Term Rental - Tier 3 ($3M+) $8.00
Owner-Occupied - Tier 1 (up to $1M) $2.00
Owner-Occupied - Tier 2 ($1M-3M) $2.10
Owner-Occupied - Tier 3 ($3M+) $2.71
NON-Owner-Occupied - Tier 1 (up to $1M) $5.85
NON-Owner-Occupied - Tier 2 ($1M-3M) $8.00
NON-Owner-Occupied - Tier 3 ($3M+) $12.50
Short Term Rental - Tier 1 (up to $1M) $11.85
Short Term Rental - Tier 2 ($1M-3M) $11.85
Short Term Rental - Tier 3 ($3M+) $11.85
Time Share $14.60

Rates are per $1,000 of assessed value. As an example, for a non owner-occupied property assessed at $500K, the tax liability would be $2,950 (500 x 5.85). For more specifics on how to calculate the property tax liability, click here to view instructions on the Maui County website.

Please note the new category of 'Long-Term Rental', which is another way the County is trying its best to shift best use of a property to provide more affordable options to local residents. For more information about the above or to discuss specifics in greater detail, contact us through the form below.

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