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Posted by Alex Cortez R(B) on Sunday, March 24th, 2019 at 6:56pm.

Lana’i — an island so stunning that after the billionaire founder of Oracle visited there, he realized he loved it so much that he decided to buy it.

Since 2012, the remote and secluded island has been owned by Larry Ellison, a paradise for its 3,200 residents and visitors that flock to two Four Seasons resorts. But even though it is privately owned; purchased by Ellison for $300 million ; there's no reason you can't own a slice of paradise, explore the Lanai real estate market today. 

Maui Lanai Island
Photo Credit: Halibut Thyme, Wikimedia Commons

Lana’i is a hidden gem, the perfect getaway for those who want to leave the hustle and bustle behind on Hawai’i’s more populated islands. Just 9 miles from Maui’s west coast, traveling to Lana’i is like going back in time. Only 30 miles of Lanai’s roads are paved. There are no stoplights. And many of the island’s 3,000 residents live in picturesque plantation-style homes.

The island of Lana’i was once one of the largest pineapple plantations in entire world — hence, the adoption "The Pineapple Isle” as its nickname. It was purchased by plantation tycoon James Dole in 1922, when much of its lands were used to grow the tropical fruit. But as the pineapple industry started to slow in the 1980s, Lana’i began to shift into the island as we know it now — one that welcomes tourists to its world-class golf courses, luxurious resorts and white-sand beaches.

Today, the island is home to two Four Seasons Resorts and two world-class golf courses — the Manele Golf Course and the Koele Golf Course. From exploring Native Hawaiian cultural sites to adventurous off-road expeditions, Lana’i offers all sorts of unique activities for those who visit or call it home. Dine at celebrated resorts or spend to afternoon strolling through Lana’i City, the main town on the island.

Lanai Island in Hawaii
Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson, Wikimedia Commons

But perhaps most unique is how Lana’i is truly one of the last places in Hawai’i where you can experience peace and privacy. Outside of the main town, the roads are entirely free of traffic, the neighborhoods are quiet and the night skies are full of stars, unspoiled by city lights.

Luxurious homes and expansive estates are scattered across the roughly 140-square-mile island. It truly is an untouched paradise for those who want to get away from it all. To learn more about available real estate options throughout Lanai, contact our team today.

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