Stop Cane Burning | Maui

In the early 2010's, a group of dedicated Maui residents and concerned visitors pledged a fight to Stop Cane Burning. The discussion centered around the perceived health detriments that burning the sugar cane caused to the local residents, while those who advocated for the continued practice articulated the economic benefits of it. 

The following timelapse was created and posted by Maui Guide:

By late 2016, HC&S / A&B announced that operations would cease amidst continued economic losses. The long-term effects are much more than just the actual burning, but parlayed into job losses, water resources displacement, wind erosion, infrastructure growth to accommodate future development, and much more. 

We look with optimism to the future and look forward to seeing what is done with the land previously used for harvesting - will it be new housing, new agricultural crops, new energy fields, etc.? We have no idea but have faith that wise decisions will be made.

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