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For most people, buying real estate is something that is done sporadically and/or as needed, whether every 5 years, every couple of years, or once/twice during a lifetime - with such limited hands-on experience, buyers need the expertise and guidance of dedicated Hawaii real estate professionals who conduct real estate transactions regularly, know the real estate process, governing laws/ordinances, and can provide the necessary support.

Many buyers think that by approaching the seller's agent directly, they can save on the commissions that would have been typically paid to the buyer's agent. However, (generally) commissions are paid for by the seller in accordance to the listing agreement, which is signed BEFORE the property is listed for sale. This agreement is between the seller(s) and the brokerage firm representing them and supersedes any future negotiations. So an unrepresented buyer will not enjoy the benefits of a strong advocate in their corner and will not receive any savings via 'saved' commissions - which are paid to the seller's agent, as per applicable terms in the listing agreement.

Whether a buyer uses us, the team of Hawaii Real Estate Search agents, or another Realtor, buyers will be best served by having a Realtor© represent them and their best interests. Having a good real estate agent is often the difference between a smooth, enjoyable transaction and tumultuous, frustrating experience.

Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our services, you are able to unilaterally terminate our agency relationship at any time prior to opening escrow. We are fully committed to empowering our clients with all information to make an informed decision and diligently search the Hawaii MLS to ensure that clients are presented with the best options to meet their Hawaiii real estate objectives. We do not aim to 'lock' clients in unnecessarily cumbersome, long-term agreements - if you are not happy, then there is no point in continuing a client/agent relationship. Our only objective is (and will continue to be) to represent the best interests of our clients dutifully and ethically.

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